Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not dead yet ...

Hello everyone!  I am still alive and kicking.  Still creating, just not blogging about it.  Retirement is wonderful and who would have guessed it could suck up the time so fully ... not me to be sure!

Mr. Mojo did finally return and one of these days I will get back to documenting what I'm about.  Thanks for hanging in and being so patient.  Blogging was so much a part of me for the last few years and I do miss it, but ... life does tend to get in the way sometimes.

DH is on the boat and getting his "ducks in a row" to get it in the water.  I'll be joining him sometime in July and probably be living aboard till sometime in September.  This whole retirement thing has made it possible to spend more than the "allotted vacation" time with him on his journey.  Whether it will prove to be my journey as well remains to be seen.  I do love life on the water, just not sure I want it to take up a full quarter of my time as he does.  The clay and the yarn and the paper all still call loudly to me.

Thanks for visiting! 

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