Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another Update

Sorry there has been no wonderful food photos, but not for the lack of wonderful food!  We are now (finally) on a mooring in Stuart, Florida.  We spent quite some time at the marina in Indiantown and finally got her in the water, motor reluctantly started, and moved down the river to the St. Lucie Lock.  Spent some time there getting everything moved aboard and getting provisioned.  Now we are finally in Stuart and getting all the final piece in place to head out to the Bahamas.

I can't begin to explain how nice it is to be on a mooring, in open water, with the sounds and feel of the water moving around us.  This is what I remember of sailing!  Don't know where circumstances will lead us, but we will be here for a bit before we move on.

I feel like my knees are getting stronger and I can climb on and off the boat pretty well,   Getting in and out of the dinghy on shore is another matter, but I am managing!

I will post more as I can and I really appreciate you hanging in there with me as I begin another adventure on the water.

Thanks for visiting!

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