Friday, June 20, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

A little background ... my family is honoring my uncle this summer (he doesn't know anything about this yet so shhhhh!) and my stepmother and I took on the task of creating a memory book for him. She did this for my dad for his 80th birthday last year and did such a wonderful job that she got elected to do this one too. Last year I had not yet been introduced to the wonderful world that is Stampin Up and I wasn't a whole lot of help to her. This year, however, it is a different story. She came up with the concepts and inspiration for this book, but I was able to pitch in and help out with the execution. These pages will be the dividers between the sections of memory pages that have been submitted by family and friends. I have been nervous about this as I have no experience with scrapbooking and this is such an important project. Hopefully, these will be okay and my family will like them.

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Bee's Zen Garden said...

I love those pages, they're great!!! :-D
I want to do a family album and especially a family tree in the future!

Diane said...

Oh my those lo are fabulous!!!!

Monica-FC said...

ok, I wish you lived closer to me so we could scrapbook together. I know your mom will love those alot. i did an album for my mom and gave it to her christmas after dad died.

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