Thursday, July 3, 2008

It is just like riding a bicycle!

After a broken elbow that required two surgeries, I took several years off from making pots. Recently, I harrassed my pottery teacher, mentor and good friend of 20+ years, to take me under her wing once again and get me back on the right road. We kid each other alot, and give each other no end of grief about nearly everything (she teases me all the time about my "crafty crafting" but I think she secretly enjoys it too).

I really was afraid that I had forgotten how to make wheel thrown pots. As it turns out though, it is just like riding a bicycle and once you learn it, you never forget it. Here are some small bowls I made. I made some mugs too, but they were way too ugly to photograph. I have some clay softening up in my studio (you wouldn't believe how hard clay gets when you ignore it for a couple of years) and hopefully when I get back from my trips to Alaska and Massachusetts this month, I'll get my behind in the studio and get some pots made in time for Christmas!

Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate all of you!



Anonymous said...

Robin would be so impressed.
These bowls are great I saw them in person!
Good job on cards and clay!

Monica-FC said...

those bowls are great and it didn't look like you forgot anything at all. cannot wait to see the mugs.

April said...

OMG Chris - I can't believe you made these, how awesome WOW! Great job!!!!

I've painted pottery before but never actually made anything, how fun!

Dana said...

Wow! those are great!!!

Kim Etherington said...

Great talent! Great you started again!

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