Monday, September 1, 2008

Sesame Street Friends Nametags

I saw this idea on Splitcoast and it rolled around in my head all day. We had a Labor Day neighborhood block party yesterday and the light bulb went off. My neighbors have all seen my grandchildren around, but don't know them very well and don't know their names. I made these to hang around their necks with their names on them. I think this would be a great project for kids. Everything is done with SU punches! I tried to make a Grover using the new large oval punch, but I needed small ovals for his eyes and struggled with that - I'll figure it out eventually though (all suggestions are welcome)!

One tip - use Sharpies or some other waterproof marker if the kids are going to be around anything wet - like a slip and slide or a wading pool - as the SU markers will run - figured that one out a bit too late! Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday! Thanks for visiting.



Kath Stewart said...

Thanks Chris for giving it a try - you can now delete any comments that you think might be suspect....great creations on your blog

Annapurna said...

These are too cute! What a great idea.

About the threading water punch, I don't think you can go around corners very easily. It does not match up. I think you may be thinking of the new SU scallop punch. That one you can.

Autumn Pereira said...

Bella wouldn't let go of hers, she actually slept with it that night!

Monica-FC said...

these are just so cute. i don't have kids but i think these are cute.

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