Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wonderful Workshop!

I had the extreme pleasure of conducting a workshop last night with some really talented and very friendly gals. Thanks so much to Vickie for being such a wonderful hostess and thanks also to Sabrina, Diane, Carol, Sally, Maria and Monica for coming and participating. I had a wonderful time and I think everyone else did too! I hadn't done a workshop in a while and I was really nervous. I only forgot one item (my Always Artichoke ink pad - we made do with Old Olive spots) and hopefully I didn't mess anything else up. Here's the cards we made and gals, so sorry to say my pix from the party did not turn out so you're off the hook!

Thanks for visiting! Tomorrow I am going to feature a card I made with my very first inspiration challenge so come back, check it out and play along if you feel inspired!



Diane said...

Oh Chris those are all so lovely!
Love the tree one!!!

Allison Rankin said...

Super cards...SU! catalog worthy!

Monica-FC said...

love those cards and thanks for sharing.

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