Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy day!

Well it was another busy day! We had brunch with our fellow sailors from the sail club way up north and then a visit from the grandkids later in the day. I downloaded these pictures from my camera, but this is the first chance I've had to get them uploaded to the blog so you can see how much fun we all had yesterday!

We were stampin' in the kitchen and stampin' in the dining room and stampin' in the living room! We had some first time stampers and some well heeled experienced stampers and we all had a wonderful time. This group wanted to be the first to order from the new catalog and there was much oohing and aahing over it. New wish lists were born and old ones were added to! Great fun with a great bunch of gals. Breakfast was prepared and served by our hostess' wonderful dh and everyone had a nice full stomach to start stamping with!

Thanks so much Sally for a wonderful day!

Haven't had much time for blurfing the last few days so if I usually leave you some love and haven't - I'll be there reall soon as I have two whole days off with nothing serious to do - just fun stuff!

Thanks for visiting and for all the wonderful comments that you leave for me - I really appreciate each and every one of you (even all you lurkers - you know who you are!) Thanks, thanks, thanks and come back tomorrow and I'll have some goodies to share with you!



nicky w. said...

Wow! Looks very fun!!! What a nice bunch of ladies! Enjoy your days off!

Monica-FC said...

looks like you all had so much fun together. it is so nice to look at these everytime.

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