Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twins Birthday Cards

HAPPY FEBRUARY! It's one of my favorite months - Valetine's Day, my wedding anniversary (on the same day no less) and my birthday later in the month. Might be that some blog candy is needed to celebrate! Watch for that later in the month.

Here are the cards I made for Julian and Isabella for their 3rd birthday yesterday. The graphics are from pcCrafters and the stamps and paper are from Stampin'Up!

We had lots of fun at the aquarium and I will put up a little slide show of some of the fun moments as soon as ds gets them to me. Grandpa and I didn't take our camera as it is way to slow to catch these two in action! Had a great lunch and they got ice cream for their birthday treat. Julian is doing so well with the gluten free diet and Isabella doesn't seem to mind it either so we opted for ice cream instead of cake. Mommy was going to make them a gluten free cake though.

I'm helping a fellow demonstrator out with a Valentine's workshop and here's the cards I worked up to use. There should be about 15 gals there and we didn't want to make them too complicated, but I think they will be fun for everyone.

We are going to do another big workshop at the end of February and I'm really looking forward to that one too. I'm working on a Lovely as a Tree card for that one and I'll show it to you once I have it worked out. I love that set and will have to rethink much if it ever retires.

I sent my first project off for the Lime Light design team and I hope to have a slideshow with the cards I sent. Most of them have been on my blog already, but not all together. My thanks to Lori for including me even though I wasn't officially part of this particular project. More details about that project when I put up the slideshow and an invitation to participate with me in my first "official" project for the design team.

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Joanne Travis said...

I love all of your valentines, Chris! I hope I can get all of mine mailed out on time this year. It's funny how I can get all of my different holiday cards done early but I always drop the ball on the most important part. Getting them in the mailbox...

Leah said...

Great cards! Love the birthday ones, so cute!

Allison Rankin said...

Oh those twins cards are too cute! And those Valentines...I haven't seen some of those stamps in such a long time! Good layouts for newbies!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards Chris but you know I'm partial to the PC Crafters birthday cards, hehehehe

SparkofWhimsy said...

These cards are so cute! The little bear looks like I could just reach out and touch his fuzzy self. Great job on the coloring! I absolutely adore the very faint hint of a blush on both of them!


*~*Megali*~* said...

The Birthday cards are too sweet! Hope the kids had a good birthday - I can't believe they're three already!! And I love the Valentine's Day cards as well!


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