Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will you take a look at this beauty!

When the mailman arrived yesterday, DH brought the mail in and said you've got something from Ontario. I just about tackled him to get it. Look what was in the envelope!

Isn't this just gorgeous! My bloggy buddy Diane is soooooooo talented and sooooooo very, very sweet to send this lovely to me! THANKS SO MUCH! If you get a chance, you really should drop by her blog ddnjoys2stamp and check out her wonderful cards! She just got some nesties and the girl is going to town!

Hugs Diane! You are the sweetest!

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Jackie said...

Lucky you! What a gorgeous card, I'm off to check out her blog.

Diane said...

Oh you are just to sweet Chris!
Glad you liked it,it's not much,but a little surprise in the mail is always so exciting!
Have a super Sunday! I'm off to church and then will prob go for a walk,the sun is SHINING!!!!!

Cowspotdog said...

that is just stunning - what a truly beautiful card.....

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