Friday, May 22, 2009

Hectic few days!

Belmira has launched. Minor problems - like the engine wouldn't start once we got her off the trailer (where she had gotten stuck) and we had to get a tow over to our slip. She looks very beautiful with her new paint job and new letters on the back. I'll take some pix over the weekend if things calm down enough.

Our wonderful upline Pat is having all her gals over for lunch and some crafty time on Monday. I'd like to get some pix of that to share as well since we'll be up at her cabin in the mountains!

Workshop tomorrow and I think I'm ready. I'm hoping this will finally be the workshop where I don't forget anything!

Nothing crafty to post - grandchildren all were visiting yesterday and boat launch today - maybe tomorrow? We'll see. I'm making some party favors for the workshop tomorrow and I'll try to get some pix of those.

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Diane said...

Hey Chris,please take lots of pics of yur workshop,wish I could be there! Can't wait to see your boat too! Those little ones must of kept you busy huh!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monica-FC said...

Boy, you sure was busy gal. I cannot wait to see all the pictures that you will take. I love seeing all the stamping and card making that you all do.

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