Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shameless Grandmother Moment

Don't say I didn't warn you in my title. Here's a slideshow of some images from yesterday's birthday bash celebrating Kael's 5th birthday and Natalie's 3rd birthday. A truly grand time was had by all!

Note to friends and family, if you click on the slideshow it will take you to the gallery of pictures in my albums and you can see them larger and even download them if you want.

My son Aaron and his wife Melissa are in town for an unexpected visit - so there may be another slideshow tomorrow!

Thanks for indulging me!


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Lilacanglia said...

Sure looks like a great time was had by all,

Monica-FC said...

wow, looks like everyone had a blast, even the birthday kids. loved also how he got the icing on hi face. what a nice layout that would make. lol. that one made me laugh when i seen it. :)

Diane said...

That cake sure looked yummy!!!!
Looks like everyone had a ball!!!

BarbK said...

Grandma moments are the special times. Love these photos and can almost taste the cake. Glad you all had fun.

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