Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's LeAnne's Fault!

Earlier this week while visiting LeAnne's fabulous blog (you really, really need to check her out) I saw this gorgeous card. She offered up a link to The Graphics Fairy blog and I was a goner. This marvelous gal has put up all kinds, and I mean ALL kinds of wonderful vintage images and get this - they are free! There's now a linked blinkie on the side that you can click and go check this blog out. I spent way too much time immersing myself in the great collection she has put together and needless to say, picked up a couple of gems for myself. Here's one that I thought fitting for the season.

Thanks so much LeAnne for sending me to visit - a trip well worth the time!



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Diane said...

Oh my Chris this is stunning!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

LeAnne said...

Heehee! Imagine me, scrolling through my Reader, coming to the words: "It's LeAnne's fault"!!! I almost fell off my chair! But aren't those graphics AWESOME!? I don't dare spend too much time there--another whole realm of card-making possibilities! This is beautiful, I just love it! You did a great job--can't wait to see what else you have up your creative sleeve!

Allison Rankin said...

So adorable! I used some of their images with Paula came over (she loves vintage)...there is a lot of cool stuff there!

Juanita said...

I blame a lot on LeAnne, too. She has posted some stamp sets that I would have overlooked, but she turns them into stunning works of art and shares them on her blog and I want what she has! So I go out and try to recreate her incredible imagery.
I love your card, the embossed piece is such a great tie in for the vintage image you have chosen. to the graphics fairy!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

What a sweet Valentine Card -
love the vintage look.
Have a great day

Unknown said...

Ooohh such a pretty card!!! Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog, you have me blushing! I'm so glad you linked this one up today for "Brag Monday".

Tammara said...

I made a card out of that same image. I love the embossed card base you layered it on!

Shell said...

I know, very fun isn't it? Karen is a dear for all she does for so many!

This was my first involvement in her "Brag Monday" and I had fun making a couple of things and then visiting all the participants!

Fun Card and fun site! Thank you for sharing!!!


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