Sunday, May 30, 2010

What the hail!

We were hit with a hail storm last night - pea to marble sized hail that was inches deep in spots. Here's some pix of what it did to some of my poor plants:

I'm hopeful that most of this will survive and come back. The iris, while badly battered, will for sure be back next season. I may have to replant my tomatoes and I think I'll go ahead and harvest the rhubarb and get it in the freezer. My car was not damaged and the greenhouse window survived just fine even though I thought for sure the hail was going to crack it. Once things dry out a bit, I'll get the broom out and compost all the leaves. The joys of living in Colorado in the springtime - at least it wasn't several inches of snow! Don't laugh - it's happened in May before.

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Tammy said...

OM Gosh Chris!! I am so sorry! I can't believe the amount of hail! We didn't get anything out here. I hope things pop back up soon!

Kimberly S said...

Oh no! Sorry to see what happened to all of those lovely plants Chris, and I do hope they all survive. Thank goodness your car and windows were fine!

Diane said...

Oh no,that's not good! Your poor flowers! Thank goodness your car didn't get damaged cause I know what hail can do!!!

Crafting Queen said...

This weather is crazy. Sorry about your plants, hope some come back. Anesha

Juanita said...

That looks so sad. We have had such a cold spring that the plants I started from seed are still in the kitchen. There is no point putting them out, if I have to keep them covered with a blanket every night.

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