Monday, January 24, 2011

Year End (I know I'm late) Cleanup

I've been going through my blog reader (I have way tooooooo many blogs listed there - like 500+) and cleaning things up. Un-subcribing from blogs that haven't posted in 6 months or more and also un-subscribing from blogs that make you click on their link in order to view what they are posting for the day. For example:

Mike Funke -
Mary Fish -

Both are blogs that make you click in order to see what's new if you are reading them in Google Reader. What is up with that? There must be a setting somewhere that you select to make your blog "not" viewable in a reader like Google Reader. Does anyone have an explanation on how that works? I have "preview" option set up via a Greasemonkey script, but I still have to click in order to see blogs set up like these two are. I'd love to know how this happens so if you know, please leave me a comment letting me know - thanks in advance for that too!

Both of the blogs listed above are ones that I would really like to read, but I just cannot justify all the extra clicks required to be able to read them. There are more, but these are just examples.

How often do you clean up your blog reader and what criteria do you use to do this? I'm curious and would love to hear your responses about this thorny issue.

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Kim Dellow said...

Oh I so have to do this, I was just thinking about it earlier and I'm reading through my reader to find your post about it! Inspired me to sort it out!
I totally agree with you on the click through blogs, I mainly go on what catches my eye so if it is just a title I'm unlikely to see it.
Right I'm going to go do some sorting!

LeAnne said...

I clean my Reader out all the time! LOL! Yes, I know what you mean about having to double click to get to those blogs...I don't understand why you have to do that; it's frustrating when the others just show up!
Anyway, good for you for "housecleaning"!

Diane said...

Wish i could help,but you know me...way to go for you though!
I like your broom,lol!

Kimberly S said...

Hi Chris...your mini rant made me smile! To be honest I have not done a serious cleaning up, but every few weeks I have to do a little deleting of old ones (like you said...mostly those that don't post anymore) because it wouldn't let me add any more. lol Yes, I think I need to take the time and really go through them. :)

Cat Tidwell said...

Im like you, that's a pet peeve with me and irritates the doody out of me! I do not know why some are like that though for sure either, but think too its some kind of setting....And I havent cleaned mine either! But you have inspired me too! LOL

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

Hey Chris -- I am with you on the short feed -- it is a setting in Blogger -- Settings --Site Feed and then a drop down for "Allow Blog Feeds". If you set it to short, you only show the first 400 characters of your post. I think some people want the hits on their blogs.

Curt in Indy said...

Hey there! OK, you are scaring me now. . .LOL I've NEVER cleaned out my reader!!!! GASP. . .I didn't know you had too. . . OMG I must have a mess waiting for me now. . .Thanks for the heads up. Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

I haven't cleaned mine ever!!!! But I sure hope I'm still on yours! lol

Ida said...

You know I'm sort of "computer" challenged so I have no idea if my blog is viewable in a reader or if you have to click on the link. Maybe some of those blogs you like might not know that either.

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