Monday, August 29, 2011

Those Xmas Cards I promised ....

Here are those sample cards that I made for my playtime workshop last weekend:

There are so many fun things in the new catalog and the upcoming Holiday Mini - it's going to be a fun holiday season this year for sure!

Belmira and DH both weathered Irene just fine. I spent way too many hours glued to the Weather Channel this weekend and I'm behind on just about everything, but I wanted to see for myself what was happening.

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Juanita said...

I love the stockings.
Just when I had told a friend that there was nothing of real interest to me in the holiday mini....

Curt in Indy said...

Even though seeing Christmas cards this early in the year strikes fear in my heart, I have to admit I love these. I honestly can't pick a favorite. They are all wonderful. It's funny (well, maybe not because I really didn't know where Belmira was docked) but I didn't even think about the boat during the hurricane, but I did think about you when I heard about the earthquake in Colorado! LOL Glad they both fared well. Hope you are well as well! Best, Curt

Kathleen B. Hernandez said...

I love all of your Christmas cards but I like the 2nd one the most. . . oh i don't know, coz i like the banner on the 3rd too. lol

Lee said...

They are all Beautifully made love the design of them.My fav is the stockings.xx

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