Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still Playing!

Here are a couple more cards playing with new toys:

Today I need to spend some time sewing and crocheting!  I am making some doll clothes for my granddaughter's 7th birthday.  I found a wonderful wicker suitcase that I plan to put them in as well that needs a little tender loving care.  She and her twin brother will be 7 on January 31!  You can see some of their history here.  Such a joy to watch them bloom and grow into the wonderful individuals that they are.  I'll share some current pix on the 31st.

Thanks for visiting! 

If you have any questions about the techniques or materials used in the work displayed on this blog, feel free to use the email link on the left and I will gladly answer your questions.


Judy DiScipio said...

Oh, Chris, they are just so precious!!! They started out so tiny. I have twins but they started out at 4 lb 7 oz...and both came home from the hospital before they weighed 5 lbs. Thank you for sharing the pictures...and the song you put with the pics was perfect. Judy :)

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Chris..sweet cards and guess what?? My son Justin's b'day is also the 31st. but he won't be just 7. It's also Justin Timberlake's and he and my son Justin both turn 32. Some info to share with the kiddos. Hugs, Pat

Curt in Indy said...

Those sweet, tiny little things. My gosh, it's so hard to think that they were so small and now they are going to be 7! I love their names. Your cards are just beautiful! Love the flowers on the bottom one! Hope you are feeling well! Happy Birthday to the twins! Hugs, Curt

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