Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Freebie - March 3, 2014

WOW has the last month or so been busy.  Good busy, but crazy busy.  Here's a freebie for you from a super talented photographer and blogger named Kerri Farley.  Her blog is A Little Piece of Me and she takes some absolutely gorgeous pictures.  I encourage you to pay her a visit and check it out.  She kindly gave me permission to quote her here:


Last weekend was a super fun Sassy Chic Stamp Camp.  I'll try to get some pictures taken of the fun "guy" cards that we all made.  This weekend is Stamp Camp North at the Westminster Elk Lodge in Westminster, CO.  Here's the info on that:

Also, this month's 12 Months of Christmas card class is coming up on March 20.  Here's the details on that:

Lots of fun things to do if you live in the Denver/Boulder/Longmont area of Colorado.  If you want any more info on these activities, just shoot me an email (address in the sidebar).

I am in countdown mode (19 more work days) till retirement, so things are pretty crazy at work too as I try to get things in order for my replacement.  It's hard when you've been in a job for over 20 years to even begin, but I'll manage!

Thanks for visiting! 

If you have any questions about the techniques or materials used in the work displayed on this blog, feel free to use the email link on the left and I will gladly answer your questions.


Jill said...

Don't think you will be relaxing when you retire Chris!! This retirement lark isn't for wimps, I've never been so busy in my life!!

Thank you for the freebie. Jill x

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