Friday, December 26, 2014

Did you all survive?

I hope that you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas.  Mine was crazy wonderful!  Lots of fun with all the grandchildren.  I took tons of pictures but haven't had time to go through them yet.  Our son took this picture of our grandson Julian with his present from grandpa and I and I absolutely love it:

He is able to capture the spirit of his children in his photos and I so appreciate it that he shares these wonderful photos with us!  If you click on the "family" label in the sidebar you can see more examples of his photographic skills.

Don't know what the week will hold.  Grand kids are out of school and will be spending some time with us.  It started snowing yesterday and it is still coming down.  Not huge amounts of accumulation, but cold, cold, cold.  Hoping it gets better over the weekend as I have a date with my granddaughter at Build-a-Bear!

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Marilyn said...

It is a great photograph, isn't it? I'm going to go check out the others shortly.

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