Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's on My Needles - 1/24/15

I have yet to finish off the scarf I was making for myself, but will show you a picture once I do.  Instead, I started on a scarf for Julian - one of the twins.  Isabella (the other twin) and Justice the big boy who just turned 6, got theirs already.  I will try to get them to model them one of these days and get some pictures.  I started a different one for Julian, but just didn't like the feel of the yarn.  These kids need something nice and soft, as well as warm around their necks in our cold climate.  Here's what I have done so far on Julian's:

It is difficult to see because of the tweedy color of the yarn, but it is done in a basket weave pattern that has resulted and a very soft and cushy fabric that I think will be perfect for around his neck.

Am still on the prowl for a good pattern to start for my mother's birthday.  I want a nice short cape like shawl and there are just too many good ones out there.  If you have a specific recommendation, I would love to hear it.

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Stef H said...

girl! you are just a barrel of crafty! i remember when i used to knit and crochet. with all the gorgeous patterns out there lately, i'm starting to miss it. only i don't think my hands would hold a needle for too long. funny... my crafting doesn't bother my hands at all! go figure.

anything his is fabulous! who doesn't like a homemade anything!

warming up today - in the 40s - but 2-4" of snow predicted for tomorrow! what a difference a day makes!

have a great weekend.

hugs :)

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