Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Happy Wednesday everyone!  I have been working on cards to use at my Longmont Senior Center class this month.  One of the ladies has requested some "kid cards" and I have been playing with balloons!

First draft:

Second draft:

As I was making the samples it became clear early on that the use of sequins was not going to work.  I also found that the diecut balloons were too problematic for this particular class.  I had played around punching balloons out of designer paper and presto - a simpler solution!  I also had toyed with the idea of colors tailored for girls, boys and anyone and just decided that one design using a wash with colored pencils and a neutral color could work for any child.  I punched out a bunch of silver stars (I also punched out some gold hearts) and these will easily go on the card using glue dots and eliminate the need for liquid glue altogether!  Yay!  I hope the ladies like it! 

I will have 3 more cards for them to make this month too and I will show the whole set later this week.

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