Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Greetings from Buzzard's Bay!

Well I actually made it - got the okay from the doctor on Saturday morning and left on Sunday morning!!!  It is so good to be back on board Belmira and even more wonderful to get to see DH again!  Nearly three months apart is a very long time!

Here he is at helm on a short day trip out into the bay:

I still have some Convention swaps to share but things have been so very crazy these last few weeks that I never got them posted.  I will also have some Holiday Mini swaps to share when I get home so watch for those.  I will be back in Colorado - flying solo again until late September - on August 26 and really hope to get back to some regular posting.  

I will have more pix of the Massachusetts Coast adventures though.  We have wifi when we are on our mooring so each time we come back to port, I'll try to post about our adventures.  Tomorrow will see us heading for the mouth of the Cape Cod canal.  We'll be going through the canal early Thursday morning (with the tide) and venturing out into Cape Cod Bay for a bit of whale watching before we head across the Bay to Provincetown.  Where we are off to after that will totally depend on our mood, and of course the weather!

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LeAnne said...

Oh, this looks delightful! What a great trip you're taking...I don't dare tell my DH...he'd be quite jealous! Have fuN!

Myrna said...

Ya way to go girl. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!!!!!
Looks like fun.

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