Monday, August 27, 2012

Home Again - but reluctantly!

It was a fabulous three weeks and it went flying by much too fast.  I arrived back home yesterday and am missing the Captain something awful.  He'll be home in a month or so though so I'll just have to keep busy!!!

I thought I would share just a couple pix from the new camera:

This is our beautiful Belmira. We woke up that morning to a marina that was like glass. DH took my camera and I out in the dinghy so that I could take some pictures. I took a lot!

This is DH and his brother picking some Bluegrass music on the dock at Westport Harbor.  I took lots of pix of that as well! DH heads out there most Wednesday nights to play with a group of musicians and a crowd of appreciative fans.

Here are a couple of shots from a day trip to Newport:

I took lots and lots of pictures trying to get used to my new camera.  Pictures of the fabulous food, people and sights of the Massachusetts coast.  I had a fantastic time (I always do) spending time on the boat and with DH.  It is nice to get away from everything and just enjoy our life together.  I can't wait until I am able to retire and spend even more time on board Belmira with DH!

The crafty cave is a total shambles and the Monday night gals are coming over tonight.  Have to get it cleaned up a bit.  Maybe I'll take some before and after pix to document the creative chaos!

I have a road trip downline meeting on Friday and plan to bring my camera along.  There will be fabulous swaps, fun make and take projects and lots of wonderful sharing with my stampin' buds.  I'll be sure to share some pix with everyone!

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Myrna said...

Welcome home.
I really feel for you missing your Belmira and hubby.
It will be so lovely when you can retire. (maybe the lottery????)
Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Hi Chris. What a beautiful boat! Fantastic pictures as well. I think keeping busy is the key and it sounds as if you are doing just that! Jill x

Stef H said...

sounds like it was tons of fun. glad you're home safe and sound!

hugs :)

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