Friday, August 22, 2008

I got pif'd!

Check out the wonderful pif (pay-it-forward) package that I received from Monica:

Look at the wonderful stamped images she sent me to play with:

Now it's my turn! Leave me a comment if you'd like to play along. I'll take the first three volunteers and I will send you each a pif package. The rules are that once you've received yours, you need to pass along some goodies to three other people. Having a blog is pretty essential to playing this game, but not absolutely required. It's an easy way to get the word out though.

So gang! Who wants to play? I won't post a picture of what I'm sending, that would ruin the surprise - but it'll be something fun! All I ask is that when you get it, you post a picture of it on your blog and invite others to play along.

Thanks for visiting!


Edited to add:
Here are the three players for this challenge:
Monica from Monica's Crafts
Hima from Designs by Hilmarose
Cheryl from God and I on the Railroad Tracks

Thanks for playing along. Visit these wonderful ladies blogs and take a look at the wonderful work they do!


Hilmarose said...

I would love to play again!!!

Monica-FC said...

I would to play the PIF also. it sounds groovy to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in!!

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