Thursday, December 23, 2010

Status - I'm not dead, just feel that way!

Hey all! Thanks for hanging in there with me. After several days of not keeping anything (even water) down, a trip to the ER was ordered by DH. Several bags of fluid in, several vials of stuff out, a bag of antibiotic and some prescriptions and I am home and have gone 24 hours without barfing - YAY! I am hoping to be well enough for the Christmas Day festivities, but DH is probably going to be on his own for the dinner party (prime rib - normally a big YUM) on Christmas Eve. He's the master chef in the family anyway, but sitting up was still hard today and eating much more than a spoonful has been out of the question. We'll see about tomorrow though - I'm hopeful!

I'd like to wish everyone a very merry holiday season and thank you so much for all of your visits and comments - they are so appreciated. I'll be back before the first of the year with what I hope will be a word for me to focus on next year and there will be even more about that after New Year's. I still hope to put up some bloggy candy to celebrate the blogoversary and for all the wonderful hits and followers that have joined my merry journey this year.

Thanks everyone - for everything!


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Jill said...

Ooh poor you Chris, sounds as if you have had a torrid time. Really hope that you get over it quickly now and just wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year - be lovelyu to see the family anyway won't it! I will get to see mine on Skype! Jill x

LeAnne said...

Oh my goodness....I hope you are fast on your road to recovery! Relax and enjoy allowing your family to take over the chores for this year! Get better! Merry Blessed Christmas!

Diane said...

Oh Chris,hope you are much better!
I'm sure your DH is taking good care of you! Take it easy my friend! Sending you Get Well Hugs!!

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