Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Freebie - March 25, 2013

Well, I am back among the living (sort of) and only a little worse for wear.  The stone is gone and with it all the pain and sickness.  I'm still really weak, but better as each day goes by.  I have a simple Happy Birthday sentiment for you today.  Enjoy!


As always, if you use this on a project, please leave me a comment with a link so that I can come and visit!

Thanks for visiting! 

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Jill said...

Oh poor you chris, glad you are feeling better. Jill x

Lynne said...

Thanks a bunch. Lynne from OZ

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Suze said...

Welcome back Chris. Hope you continue to feel better and back to full health soon. THank you for the lovely freebie sentiment.

Four11Lady said...

Thanks for a digi that will come in very handy!

Michelle Quinno said...

Glad you are getting better every day! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome sentiment.

txexperiment said...

Glad you are better. Thanks for sharing!

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