Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2 of the Return of Winter!

Here's a couple shots of what's happening today.  The first is the same shot as yesterday and the second is out the front windows of the office (btw - there is usually some gorgeous mountains in the background out the front windows).

I want spring to come - NOW!  This is getting really, really old.  It was 21 degrees out when we woke up this morning and it isn't supposed to get any warmer than about 35 today.  I thought global warming was supposed to make things warmer?  What's up with that anyway?

Hope to have some pix of the Sassy Chic cards and my swap and make and take project for this Friday's downline meeting tomorrow.  I hope there won't be any more snow pictures until next winter.

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LeAnne said...

Well, it's not nice to have this in APRIL, but it sure is pretty! And yeah, I don't put much store in global warming anyway!!!!

Curt in Indy said...

I'm sorry Chris, but you can keep the white crap right there! LOL I don't want to see it again until next December, and even that is too soon! Hope Spring comes in a hurry for you. Hugs, Curt

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris, I feeeeeeel for you!!!!This is simply awful.......but I don't want it coming this way either!

Stef H said...

dollars to donuts there will be NO spring. winter straight into summer. sheesh!

pretty picture tho.

hugs :)

Jill said...

Good gracious Chris can't believe that snow! Be careful won't you. Jill x

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