Sunday, March 16, 2014

Monday Freebie - March 17, 2014

Here's my mostly irregular Monday Freebie for you:



Hectic times, but happy times.  11 more work days till retirement - but really, I'm not counting!

Thanks for visiting! 

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Jill said...

Thanks for the freebie Chris. I expect you have got all sorts of interesting things lined up to do when you retire! Jill x

Curt in Indy said...

I really like this quote. Wow, 11 days to go. How exciting. And what a perfect time to do it. So happy for you. Hugs, Curt

Curt in Indy said...

So, is Monday it??? I'm so excited for you. Bet you have mixed emotions. I know I did when I made the decision to stay home and take care of Jay. But I haven't regretted it once. It's funny, when I was working, I HATED Mondays. I have not worked now for 6+ years, and do you know I still HATE Mondays! LOL Don't know why because they are just another day now. It is weird, but I still dread Monday. Thought I'd share that as your day approaches. Hugs, Curt

Faye Wynn-Jones said...

Nearly there Christine, nearly there! X

txexperiment said...

Very true. Thanks for sharing!

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