Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hello, it's me!

I'm dating myself with that title I suppose, but ....

Things have been crazy here, both at home generally and in the craft cave too.  We have been watching grandchildren since school let out last month, and while it is wonderful to have this time with them it is also nearly impossible to do a whole lot else!

Here's another reason:

Our home away from home #3!  We are hoping to take this "land sailing" to New England in August.  We will also be able to use it going back and forth to the boat each year and alleviating the need for hotel rooms!   Needless to say, the grandchildren are thrilled and now want us to take them all camping (not so sure 5 kids and 2 adults will fit comfortably but we shall see!)  We hope to do just that at least once before we hit the road in August though.

I've played with a challenge recently too, but decided to put those images in a separate post later today so be sure to check back!

Thanks for visiting! 

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LeAnne said...

Woohoo! Having worked at an RV dealership for many, many years, I know the thrill of watching RVers enjoy their campers! I hope you have many fond memories, especially since you're combining boating along with it!

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