Monday, January 15, 2018

An Update

Well we made it to the boat and DH is working hard to get things in order to put her in the water.  We didn't have too much damage from the hurricanes, but our battery bank was completely dead and it is very slow to charge up again.  The surfaces, both interior and exterior are all covered with some degree of mold that will need to be cleaned up before we can get her in the water and begin moving all our belongings back on board.  Right now we are staying in our RV in the campground in the marina and hope to be able to get Belmira launched early next week.  I will post more (hopefully with some pictures) in the near future.

The weather is so far cooperating and we have not had rain since we made it to the marina.  We had quite a bit on the way down here though.  We had a wonderful visit with friends from the Carter Lake Sail Club on Dauphin Island and two of those friends are now camped across from us in the campground.

We have not made it into Stuart for dinner yet, but my FB friends can look forward to some yummy food pix very soon!

Thanks for visiting! 

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LeAnne said...

Ick, mold, hope you get it cleaned up quickly! Good news that you arrived!

Cathy Hansen, Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator said...

Happy to hear you got there safe and sound. Looking forward to those yummy food photos! ;D

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