Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Kael!!!

Today is Kael's birthday!!!  He is 9 years old today and I am astounded - the time has just flown by.

Kael was my first grandchild and will always be very special to me.  I love you Kael!!!

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Myrna said...

Happy Birthday Kael !!
You are certainly a handsome young man. No wonder grandma is so proud of you.

Jill said...

Happy birthday Kael! The first one is so special! Jill x

Stef H said...

grandchild? really? for some reason i never pictured you a grandma. to me you're in your early 30s. sure! shock this old lady!

i can't believe i have a 15 yr old granddaughter. where do the years go?

hugs :)

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