Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clam Boil with Lobster!!!!!

Jordan and Chris invited us over for a clam boil today and we brought along some lobsters to add to the pot!  WOW what a feast!  Here's some pix:

The Lobsters

The Clams

Pot full of  Goodness

Our marvelous hosts Jordan and Chris

Jordan pulling clams out to get the goodies below

My plate

Some of the other goodies from the pot

Check out that wonderful broth!!!

All that was left when we were done

And there was desert too!!!!

Our gracious and gorgeous hostess - Shadow!

The food and the company were extraordinary and we came back to Belmira full and happy campers.  Thanks so much to Jordan, Chris and Shadow for the wonderful meal and outstanding company.

Believe it or not, we are going to another clam boil on Tuesday (have I mentioned that I am totally clam crazy?) with another of John's brothers and his family.  I don't think I can ever get enough clams or seafood, but I'm sure going to try and find out!  Last night we had dinner at a great restaurant in Fall River, MA and I had some of the tastiest mussels I think I've ever had and an unbelievably delicious pork and littlenecks!  I've been taking pictures, but I won't bore you with those too!  Tuesday I will get to meet my two grand nieces for the first time (Ella is 2 and Autymn is almost 1) and the camera will be working overtime then for sure!

I've got a fun freebie for you tomorrow so be sure to come back and visit!

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Myrna said...

So glad you enjoyed your clam boil and lobsters.
Sorry I am not a seafood person but it all looked yummy.
The main thing is YOU enjoyed your self.

Jill said...

Have to say it does look nice, but like Myrna I don't eat shellfish of any sort! (I don't eat meat either!)Love straightforward fish! My son (a vegetarian) says I am a piscatarian! Glad you are having a lovely holiday Chris. Jill x

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