Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just to say "Thanks!"

My DDL Autumn is a real gem (see yesterday's post).  She took care of my two kitties (who are really impossibly quirky with anyone but me) while I was in Washington in May, Salt Lake City in July and while I spent my scant 3 weeks on the boat with DH in August.  To say thanks, I made these for her with some beads that I picked up during my trip to Washington at one of the best bead shops in the country - Beadazzled

The light isn't the best in this photo, I'm still working on constructing myself a light box that I can fold up and store easily as I just don't have enough room in the craft studio to set up a full fledged photo booth (not yet anyway).

I made myself some too (didn't get any pix of those though) and am working on some more as gifts for those special gals in my life for Christmas and I've also made some scissor charms for some of my good customers (will get some pix of these soon).

Posting two days in a row - hopefully this is a trend I can continue!

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