Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chill out!

You have to check out this video that I got on one of my technical listservs - it it just too cute! I am having a wonderful and relaxing time in Massachusetts (sorry I didn't get to call you before I left mom, but I know you and dad understand how things get with me). We had clamcakes and fried clams for lunch today! I am totally in heaven. Clam boil with the family tomorrow night! Big party with (hopefully) some clams on the half shell on Saturday! I love it. Enjoy this video, I really think it's cool. It is hot enough here that I might like running through a sprinkler myself!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm thinking it's going to be time for some blog candy when I get home! Checked my counter and it's getting up there! Might actually hit 10k before my first year blogoversary!



Diane said...

Isn't that something!!!! I rec'd on an email too! That is so cool!
Congrats on your hits!!!!

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