Friday, October 22, 2010

Indulge this Proud Grandma please ....

This is a video that was posted on my daughter-in-law's facebook page and it chronicles the early days in the lives of my twin grandchildren - Isabella and Julian. They were born at 29 1/2 weeks and were so very tiny. They are now 4 and thriving, active and totally delightful children.

They have since been joined by little brother Justice (whom you have seen several times on this blog) and I will put up some more current photos of these wonderful kids next week. This video made me cry to remember how very fragile these two were when they first entered the world - and also to realize how vibrant and alive they are today. Enjoy!

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Joanne Travis said...

Aww, you should be proud of all of your sweet little blessings! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

Jill said...

Oh Chris how gorgeous and thank goodness she took the video. Its so important to have a record of a child's life from the very beginning, thank you for sharing it. Jill x

Myrna said...

Loved the video. God is good.

Libby Hickson said...

Oh my goodness what sweet little tiny babies! Definitely take all the proud grandma moments you want! So glad they are healthy 4yr olds now, that must have been a stressful time at the beginning. xoxo

Diane said...

Oh my,what precious babies! You have lots to be proud of!!!!

raindropecho said...

How adorable!!! They're so precious!

- Ann

Shirl said...

How tiny and adorable you have every reason to be a proud grandma.
Hugs Shirley x x

Curt in Carmel said...

That was one of the best 5:36 I've spent in a long time. What an incredible video. And you know what part of the video I loved most don't you???? LOL Those pics of the baby with the dog are so awesome. Also the ones with the horses. But the last two photos are remarkable. You should be proud, your son and dil should be proud. Loved this video and I thank you for sharing it. Made my whole day! Best, Curt

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