Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun time was had by all!

We had a wonderful time last night making cards and Dannie's great card organizer boxes!

Here's Megan and Kat showing off their creations.

These are the wonderful creations made by Sally and Jeanne.

And here is my "favorite*" ddl Lorena diligently working on hers. (*All of my ddl's are my "favorite" - I absolutely have the best ones in the world - the biggest advantage to having 5 boys is that when they grow up they bring such wonderful women into your life.)

Thanks again to Dannie for such a wonderful idea, we really had a grand time. I noticed today on her blog she has another great box and that might end up being our June project. In May we are going to make cards to fill the box we made last night!

Thanks for visiting. ~chris


Amy Sheffer said...

This looks like so much fun!!

Sheila D said...

These boxes look great. And now to fill them stamped cards...how fun.

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