Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm it! I got tagged by Juanita in the photo game!

I got tagged by Juanita (Rubber Side Down) to play the photo tag game. I played this once before on my work computer, so I thought I'd give my home computer a try this time.

Here's the photo:

We set up a makeshift beach on the porch one summer when the twins were about a year and half old. Julian (never one for modesty) really enjoyed himself. Isabella (much more prim and proper) took her time deciding if she wanted to get wet. Our front porch is very sunny until about 2 in the afternoon during the summer and it was perfect for a little swim time.

I also need to show off some wonderful things that the postman brought me this week. Here's what Juanita (of the photo tag game fame above) sent me. It was blog candy that I won on her blog. Isn't it spectacular?

For the past couple of months I have been participating in Tracy's Aloha RAK. Here is what I received from my RAK partner Jacquie. I will post one of the items I sent her once I'm sure she's received it. Unlike Jacquie, I was really late getting mine off to her, but I hope she likes it in spite of its lateness (is that a word?).

Thanks so much for visiting. The twins turn 3 tomorrow and we are taking them (and their parents and new baby brother too) to the aquarium and then out for lunch. Should be a fun day!

I hope to post my Christmas cards for Tracy's challenge tomorrow morning too, so come back and take a look!


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jacque4u2c said...

Love the make shift beach! Just an awesome idea. Totally an awesome view!

Lee said...

Hey fellow Coloradan!!! LOL Ohhhh what a precious photo!!!!

Juanita said...

What a cute picture.
Your mailman must be tired from carrying all these large parcels to your door!

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