Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some leadership highlights

Even though I did not go to leadership this year (maybe next year), I have been keeping an eye on the blogs of the gals I read who did get to go and here's some links to some of the excitement that's coming out! All you gals from the downline meeting need to read these ... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Digital Scrapbooking (from Patty)

Some general news items (from Patty)

Some general news items (from Angie)

I have to tell you that from all that I am reading about the new catalog - I'm stalking the man in brown till he brings mine! I'm really excited about all the new items for the Big Shot and all the reports of the new designer papers - two of my absolute FAVORITE things!

Thanks! - WOW three posts in one day - might be a record, I'll have to look and see.



Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds on the web. Love the slidder card and your swap is the best. Oh how lucky we are to have you in our group!


Juanita said...

I am sorry to report that I did get my cattys. We did not expect them for another week! I hope your come quickly.

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