Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stamp Camp Possibles

In trying to come up with a card design for an upcoming stamp camp, I came across this card and fell in love! I tried to simplify it just a bit, but I think it is still going to be too complex to do in a stamp camp setting with 5 other demonstrators and hopefully 60-100 people.


I'll keep looking for that "perfect" card so you will see more of these "possibles" show up here over the next few days. Our first strategy meeting is on March 2 and I really want to have my design selected by then. We'll see ....

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LeAnne said...

WOW! This is awesome--60 to 100 people! That would be incredible! Good luck!

Alex said...

Holy Moly! That is a LOT of people, Chris!! I LOVE this card, I think it's a keeper......I think it's a CASE card for me, :-)


The Rubber Maid said...

I think the card is awesome perhaps if you just took the bling off it would be easier to reproduce quickly BUT I love it just as it is. Pat

Joanne Travis said...

Love the red, black, and white and the sketch!! So pretty.
That's a great idea, I should do a stamp club and just make thank you cards, they are great to have on hand.
Hope you have been doing well, Chris! It's been a while since I have been out blog hopping and I have missed seeing your beautiful samples.

Faye said...

Complex, but stunning, so worth it!

Diane said...

Oh that is stunning Chris!!

Allison Rankin said...

Oh wow...this has so much drama and originality. If the stampers are experienced, they may pull this off in time (unlike whenever I go to an SU! party).

Curt in Indy said...

I have always loved this color combo. There is just something about the black, red, and white. That is a ton of people! Wow! Best, Curt

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