Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Butterflies Everywhere!!

Here's a little slideshow of photos that I took of all of the butterflies drying before packing them up to ship out. There's no way I could take a picture of each of them - there's too many! Thanks go out to Jill, Sabrina and Diane for all their help making these. I may have a few more to ship out at the end of the week as well and I'll photograph those too!

Thanks again everyone for helping out with this worthy project.


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jacque4u2c said...

WOW! I know you all had a blast creating these! They are beautiful!

Juanita said...

These are all so beautiful.
I read about this project, but then just never did anything about it. I have renewed interest. I just remembered I have some perfect papers in the craft room for butterflies.

Moni said...

Waw butterflies, I love butterflies, these are all beautiful! Hugs, Moni

Diane said...

They are all so beautiful!!! And for a wonderful project!!

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