Thursday, February 19, 2009

Camera is fixed!

I have the most amazing dh! Handed him the camera and within a minute it was operational once again! Magic!

So, since the camera is fixed I will respond to my tag from Angelique! Here's the rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are using today.

2. Tell how much it cost.

3. If there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we'd love to hear it.

And I have to tag 5 people. I hate picking names, so I'm only picking one that I know is a purse pro - Allison.

Here's my bag:

It didn't cost me anything as it was a wonderful gift from the legal assistant in our Washington, DC office. She knew that I loved Vera Bradley and she had this one that matched a smaller one that I have and so she gave it to me! What a gal!

Thanks for visiting! Pottery class tonight so probably no card till tomorrow!


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catdidit said...

Ohhh how lucky you are! I love Vera Bradley too! I just bought one about a month ago, havent carried it yet though! I have to hide mine from my daughter, she has snatched my last 2, lol

jacque4u2c said...

Beautiful bag. Love the colors!

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